The application for Fall 2022 is now open.
Students will be notified Mid-May 2022 if they are selected to participate.

Two Colleges.

One Campus.


College Park is a public four-year university experience for students in Tulsa. A partnership between TCC and OSU-Tulsa, College Park is located at OSU-Tulsa with courses taught by faculty from TCC and OSU. You’ll take your TCC and OSU classes at the OSU-Tulsa campus and have access to services from both TCC and OSU.

Plus, you’ll be learning on OSU-Tulsa’s intimate campus in downtown Tulsa’s Greenwood District, surrounded by restaurants, culture, sports, entertainment and networking opportunities.


College Park is a cohort model program with a limited number of openings designed for students to take a sequence of courses together before entering a bachelor’s degree program at OSU-Tulsa.

TCC and OSU-Tulsa are committed to increasing access to higher education in Tulsa and achieving equity in student outcomes. Applicants demonstrating financial need, first generation to college, and underserved student populations are highly encouraged to apply.

College Park courses will be:

• Taught by TCC faculty for the first 2-3 years on the OSU-Tulsa campus

• Taught by OSU-Tulsa faculty for the remainder of the bachelor’s degree after the associate degree is complete

• Offered on the OSU-Tulsa campus only

• A combination of fully in-person and blended/partially online

• A combination of full semester (16 week) and fast-paced 8-week courses

• College Park Majors: Business
*Additional academic programs will be added in the future.

What’s a cohort?

A cohort is a group of students with shared goals put together for courses and other learning experiences. You will take all your TCC classes with your cohort and it will serve as a major source of support during the completion of your degree.

There are two cohort options available: full-time and part-time

• The full-time cohort will take daytime courses totaling 15 credit hours (typically 5, three-credit hour courses) each Fall and Spring semester and finish their associate degree in two years

• The part-time cohort will take evening courses totaling 9 credit hours (typically 3, three-credit hour courses) each Fall and Spring semester, and 6 credit hours (typically 2, three-credit hour courses) in the summer and finish their associates in three years.

Tuition, Fees, Scholarships and Financial Aid

For the first 2-3 years as TCC students, students in the College Park program will only pay TCC tuition and fees and are eligible for any scholarships and aid available to other TCC students.


TCC Tuition and Fees

Tulsa Community College Tuition and Fees

There are many opportunities for financial aid and scholarships. Incoming freshman who reside in Tulsa County and have a GPA of 2.0 or better are eligible for Tulsa Achieves, which provides free tuition for the first two or three years of TCC courses.


More About Tulsa Achieves


In addition, there are many other options for financial support. We’re happy to answer any questions. Contact TCC Admissions at 918-595-8000.

Students will begin to pay OSU-Tulsa tuition and fees once they begin their junior and senior level coursework. OSU-Tulsa is committed to providing scholarship opportunities to students who complete the program and transfer to OSU-Tulsa to complete their bachelor’s degree.


OSU-Tulsa Financial Aid

How To Get Started

1. Apply to Tulsa Community College

• Before applying to College Park, you must first be admitted to TCC.

Apply For TCC

2. Apply to College Park

• Once you are admitted to TCC, you can then apply for College Park using your MyTCC login credentials.

Apply To College Park


• Applications Open – October 1

• Applications Close – April 29

• Student Notified of Status – May 13

• Deadline to Accept Admission into Program – May 27

• Mandatory Orientation for Students to Enroll – Second Week of July*

*Exact dates TBD

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Selection will be based on a number of factors including: academic standing, college readiness1, ability to participate in the course schedule, and commitment to the program based on written application question responses2.

1 College readiness is based on course placement. Please see section below on proficiency for more details
2 In order to participate in the cohort schedule, students should have completed no more than 15 college credit hours applicable toward an AS Business Administration degree at the start of the Fall 2022 term. This ensures students can take the majority of classes with their cohort. If you are a current student and have questions about this requirement, contact Zack Grant at