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Applications for Fall 2022 Now Open
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Two Colleges.

One Campus.

Two Colleges.

One Campus.


If you're looking for an affordable, quality bachelor's degree in Tulsa, College Park is for you!

  • At OSU-Tulsa's downtown campus
  • Taught by TCC and OSU faculty
  • Business and Psychology degree pathways
  • Consistent class schedule
  • Attend class with the same student group
  • Research-backed and structured for success

College Park has options that align with your interests and Tulsa's in-demand careers.

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If you're looking for an affordable, quality bachelor's degree in Tulsa, College Park is for you!

A partnership between Tulsa Community College and OSU-Tulsa, College Park is located at OSU-Tulsa's downtown campus with courses taught by faculty from TCC and OSU.

Our program is research-based and structured for success. You'll have a consistent schedule and attend classes with the same group of students throughout your college experience. With degree program areas in Business and Psychology, College Park has options that align with your interests and in-demand career fields in Tulsa.

I really enjoy the environment of College Park. Being able to connect with my peers and collectively answer each other’s questions is a plus to helping each other succeed.

— Kylie S., Cohort 1


College Park is a cohort model program. This means you will take a sequence of TCC courses together with the same classmates at OSU-Tulsa, earn your associate degree, and then continue at OSU-Tulsa in your bachelor’s degree program.

College Park students are surrounded by a support system that will be there for you through your entire college journey – from first year to career.

TCC and OSU-Tulsa are committed to increasing access to higher education in Tulsa and ensuring all students succeed. If you have financial need, are the first in your family to attend college, or could use more resources to help you attend college, you are especially encouraged to apply.

Cohort sizes are limited, so apply early for priority consideration!

College Park Interview

College Park Major Areas

• College Park Major Areas of Study: Business, Psychology

• Several bachelor's degree majors are available within these areas of study.

• While taking your associate degree classes at College Park, you will explore your career goals and interests to help you choose a bachelor's degree major.

*Additional academic programs will be added in the future.

College Park Courses

• College Park courses are only offered on the OSU-Tulsa campus.

• Associate degree courses are taught by TCC faculty on the OSU-Tulsa campus.

• You will begin learning from OSU-Tulsa faculty after the completion of your associate degree.

• Course formats include a combination of fully in-person and blended/partially online.

• Course lengths are a combination of full semester (16 week) and short-term eight-week courses.

What’s a cohort?

A cohort is a group of students with shared goals put together for courses and other learning experiences.

• You will take all your TCC classes with your cohort classmates, and they will serve as a major source of support during the completion of your associate and bachelor's degrees.

• Our cohort is full time and takes daytime courses totaling 15 credit hours (typically 5, three-credit hour courses) each Fall and Spring semester.

• Time to finish your degree may vary depending on college coursework you have already completed.

Tuition, Fees, Scholarships and Financial Aid

Since College Park students start out as TCC students, you will only pay TCC tuition and fees while completing your associate degree coursework. That also means you are eligible for any scholarships and aid available to TCC students.


TCC Tuition and Fees

Tulsa Community College Tuition and Fees

There are many opportunities for financial aid and scholarships at TCC. Incoming freshmen who live in Tulsa County and have a GPA of 2.0 or better are eligible for Tulsa Achieves, which provides free tuition for the first three years of TCC coursework or 63 credit hours, whichever comes first.


More About Tulsa Achieves


There are other sources for financial support, too. We’re happy to help discuss your options! Contact TCC Admissions at 918-595-8000.

Once you begin your junior- and senior-level courses, you will begin paying OSU tuition and fees. OSU-Tulsa is committed to providing scholarship opportunities to College Park students who finish their bachelor's degree at OSU-Tulsa. The OSU-Tulsa Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid can help you understand what is available for you.


OSU-Tulsa Financial Aid

How To Get Started

1. Apply to Tulsa Community College

• Before applying to College Park, you must first be admitted to TCC.

Apply For TCC

2. Apply to College Park

• Once you are admitted to TCC, you can then apply for College Park using your MyTCC login credentials.

Apply To College Park


• Applications Open – October 1

• Mandatory Orientation for Students to Enroll – July*

*Exact dates TBD

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Selection will be based on a number of factors including: academic standing, college readiness1, ability to participate in the course schedule2, and commitment to the program based on written application question responses.

1 College readiness is based on course placement.
2 To ensure students can take the majority of their courses at OSU-Tulsa and meaningfully participate in a cohort, previous coursework and college credit taken will be reviewed as a part of the College Park application. If you are a current student and have questions about this requirement, contact Zack Grant at