Apply to College Park

I feel so blessed having this opportunity to develop myself and my professional skills. Everything in college changed for me when this program came to me.

— Francisco B.N., Business

Steps and Required Documents

1. Apply to Tulsa Community College

• All College Park applicants must first be admitted to TCC.

Apply to TCC

2. Apply to College Park

• After you are admitted to TCC, apply for College Park using your MyTCC login credentials.

Apply for College Park

3. Submit Advanced Placement Test Scores and/or College Transcripts

• This includes any official AP test scores and official college transcripts showing completed, in-progress and preregistered coursework.

• Submit final transcripts showing completion of in-progress work to the TCC Records Office before the end of your first term.

How to Submit Official Transcripts

4. Show Proof of Proficiency in Reading, Writing and Math

• Proficiency is used for placement in college-level coursework and can be determined by your final high school GPA, ACT or SAT scores, college coursework, or TCC Placement Tests.

• If not currently placed in college-level coursework, you may show proof of enrollment in foundational courses for spring and/or summer that would bring you to college-level by the fall.

• Contact TCC Academic Advising for more information about your current placement and next steps.

Contact TCC Academic Advising