How To Apply

Steps to Apply for College Park and Required Documents

1. Apply to Tulsa Community College, then submit your application to College Park

• All College Park applicants must first be admitted to TCC

Apply For TCC

• Once you are admitted to TCC, you can then apply for College Park using your MyTCC login credentials

Apply To College Park

2. Submit any official advanced placement test scores and/or official college transcripts showing completed, in-progress, and preregistered coursework to TCC Records Office.

• Final transcripts showing completion of in-progress work will need to be submitted prior to end of Fall 2022 term

Instructions on Submitting Official Transcripts

3. Show Proof of Proficiency in Reading, Writing and Math

• Proficiency is used for placement in college-level coursework and can be determined by final high school GPA, ACT or SAT scores, college coursework, or TCC Placement Tests.

• If not currently placed in college-level coursework, students may show proof of enrollment in foundational courses for spring and/or summer that would bring them to college-level by the fall.

• Contact TCC Academic Advising for more information about your current placement and next steps

Contact TCC Academic Advising