How is College Park different than attending TCC or OSU-Tulsa? 
College Park treats students as both a TCC and OSU-Tulsa student as an innovate new way for students to be successful and complete an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree in the most cost-effective and efficient way in Tulsa. College Park offers a seamless, public four-year experience bridging the two institutions.
  • Students start and finish a degree on a single campus utilizing the best resources TCC and OSU-Tulsa offer including student services.
    • Through TCC, students have access to affordable tuition for the first two years as well as Tulsa Achieves for eligible students to complete an associate degree.
    • Through OSU-Tulsa, students have access to an urban, comprehensive research university to complete their bachelor’s degree.
Students in College Park will move through the coursework as a cohort, or small group of students, taking a predetermined schedule of courses.
  • National data shows the cohort experience improves student success through a better student experience.
  • One cohort schedule will offer daytime classes for full-time students and the second cohort schedule will offer evening classes for part time students.