How is College Park different than attending TCC or OSU-Tulsa? 

College Park treats students as both a TCC and OSU-Tulsa student as an innovate new way for students to be successful and complete an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree in the most cost-effective and efficient way in Tulsa.

College Park offers a seamless, public four-year experience bridging the two institutions.

  • Students start and finish a degree on a single campus utilizing the best resources TCC and OSU-Tulsa offer including student services.
    • Through TCC, students have access to affordable tuition for the first two years as well as Tulsa Achieves for eligible students to complete an associate degree.
    • Through OSU-Tulsa, students have access to an urban, comprehensive research university to complete their bachelor’s degree.

Students in College Park will move through the coursework as a cohort, or small group of students, taking a predetermined schedule of courses.

  • National data shows the cohort experience improves student success through a better student experience.
  • One cohort schedule will offer daytime classes for full-time students and the second cohort schedule will offer evening classes for part time students.

Applications are open now for Fall 2022. Students must be admitted to TCC before submitting an application to College Park. Admitted TCC students can apply here. Applications will remain open until April 29, 2022

Students with questions about the TCC admission process should contact the TCC Office of Admissions at 918-595-8000

Applicants should be interested in earning an Associate of Science in Business Administration and a bachelor’s degree in several business-related majors including Accounting, Management, General Business, Finance, and Marketing.

Because of the cohort structure, applicants should be first-time students. Current and returning students interested in the program are welcome to apply but should first consult with the University Transfer Office.

College Park students will earn an Associate in Science from TCC before transferring to OSU-Tulsa to earn a bachelor’s degree from OSU in their chosen field.

Students will keep the credits they have completed should they need to leave the cohort. College Park will work with students to help them continue their path forward.

College Park students will pay the same tuition and fees as all other TCC students while enrolling in TCC courses for the first two to three years, depending on full-time or part-time status. Students will pay OSU tuition and fees only while enrolled in OSU coursework beginning their third or fourth year. There are no additional fees for being a student in the College Park program.

College Park, incorporating TCC’s affordable cost structure for the first two to three years, will be beneficial to students.

In addition, through Tulsa Achieves, offered to incoming Freshmen in Tulsa County, TCC students can complete their first two or three years with little to no debt.

For students not already admitted to TCC, visit to submit your application for TCC. Once admitted to TCC, you may log in using your TCC ID and password and apply here.

Business is the first program focus area. Additional academic programs will be added in the future.

College Park is launching the first program focus area of Business on the OSU-Tulsa campus.

College Park is designed for students to complete an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree in the most cost-effective and efficient way in Tulsa. By starting and finishing a degree on a single campus, students are able to utilize the best resources TCC and OSU-Tulsa offer, including planned student success experiences.

We encourage you to reach out to the TCC University Transfer office at or call 918-595-7774 to discuss the program and how it might fit your educational goals.

Students in the full-time cohort can complete their TCC degree program in two years while taking 15 credit hours each Fall and Spring semester. Part-time students will take nine hours each Fall and Spring semester and six credit hours each Summer for three years.

There are no additional testing requirements to apply for College Park. However, in order to begin classes, students must be proficient in the areas of reading, writing, and math. Proficiency can be determined by high school transcripts, ACT/SAT or GED scores, or any other applicable placement methods.

Students unsure of their course placement should consult with TCC Academic Advising. The deadline to submit proof of proficiency for College Park courses beginning Fall 2022 is May 6, 2022.

Selection will be based on several factors including: academic standing, college readiness, ability to participate in the course schedule, and commitment to the program based on written application question responses.

TCC and OSU-Tulsa are committed to increasing access to higher education in Tulsa and achieving equity in outcomes. Applicants demonstrating financial need, first-generation to college, and underserved student populations are highly encouraged to apply.

TCC encourages students to apply for any financial aid for which they are eligible; however, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is not required to participate in College Park. Keep in mind, completing the FAFSA ensures you can take advantage of federal financial aid and is usually required when you apply for additional scholarships. If filling out the FAFSA, students should enter code 009763 for Tulsa Community College to receive their information.

We recommend looking at other scholarship opportunities, including the My Dream/Mi Sueño Scholarship, which is privately funded and available to a graduating high school senior in Tulsa or Rogers County meeting eligibility requirements. It is awarded annually for up to three years or 63-credit hours, whichever comes first.

There are several pathways toward degree completion. Students that have earned or are in the process of earning credit from college courses or advanced placement exams are encouraged to reach out to the University Transfer Office at or 918-595-7774 to discuss if College Park may be the right fit for you.

Students wishing to apply to College Park must have completed no more than 15 credit hours that are applicable to the AS Business Administration degree program so they can actively participate in cohort classes with other students in the same program.

Students unsure of their progress toward their degree are advised to reach out to Academic Advising. Please also be advised that the 15-credit hour rule is a general rule and that the completion of specific courses that affect the ability to participate in the course sequence will also be considered for admission into the program.

Applicants will receive an update on their admission status in Mid-May 2022. All communication regarding the application will go to the applicant’s TCC email account. Students should be sure to monitor this account closely, so there is no delay in reviewing their application.

OSU-Tulsa is currently not scheduling in-person tours. You are welcome to check out the OSU-Tulsa campus virtually.

Students wishing to visit and take an in-person tour of the campus before applying for the program may contact the College Park Specialist, Zack Grant, to schedule a meeting. Zack may be contacted at or 918-595-7014

Newly admitted College Park students will also have a chance to meet their peers and tour the campus during the College Park orientation scheduled for the 2nd week of July. The exact day and time are TBD.