Current Students

College Park Specialist

The University Transfer Specialist, Zack Grant, is the liaison between TCC and OSU. He is here to help you stay connected with your peers and the support staff at TCC and OSU. Need help with something and don't know where to go? Reach out to Zack and he'll be happy to assist. 

He will also work with the student activities offices at OSU and TCC to make sure you have plenty of professional development and social engagement opportunities during your time in the program. If you have any ideas for events, don't be afraid to reach out! 

Available at OSU-Tulsa during the semester Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00am-5:30pm 

Yoli Torres Cleveland

OSU-Tulsa North Hall 130


TCC Academic Advising

An Academic Advisor is your primary resource for degree planning, graduation, and transfer information. They are also a great resource for general advice on classes and long-term educational goals.

It is required to meet with the advisor at least once prior to spring and summer/fall enrollment, but they are available anytime you need help by appointment, through Starfish.

Make An Appointment

Kristie Coleman

OSU-Tulsa North Hall 130

OSU-Tulsa Academic Advising and Financial Aid

We believe that it’s never too early to prepare for your future. Whether you are wanting more information about degree options at OSU-Tulsa or to learn more about scholarships that will be available to you in your junior and senior year, the OSU-Tulsa staff in North Hall 130 is there for you.


OSU-Tulsa Academic Advising


OSU-Tulsa Financial Aid

TCC Financial Aid

While completing the associate degree, College Park student financial aid accounts are managed by the TCC Financial Aid Office. If you need assistance with your aid, a TCC Financial Aid representative will be happy to assist.  Call 918-595-2000 or email

Space Available in North Hall 103 – Career Services for Virtual Appointments


TCC Financial Aid


TCC Bursar

Have questions about your account such as a balance due, payment options, or setting up your refund preference? The TCC Bursar is there to help.

You can visit them on any TCC main campus or call 918-595-2000 and ask to be directed.

Student Support


OSU Help Desk/Technology Support

Having trouble printing, logging into a computer, or accessing the Wi-Fi at OSU-Tulsa? The OSU IT Helpdesk is happy to assist!


TCC Student Support Center/Technology Support

The Student Support Center is your connection to TCC's student services, IT technical and facilities support.

Having trouble with your MyTCC account? Need to be connected to a department like Financial Aid or the Bursar? Contact the TCC Student Support Center!


TCC and OSU Student Accessibility Services

Accessibility Resources manages accommodations for qualifying Tulsa Community College (TCC) students with disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. In serving as advocates, Accessibility Resources staff partner with students to provide access to classroom instruction and TCC College affiliated services and events.

College Park students, while considered a TCC student for the first 2-3 years, will have access to both TCC's accessibility services as well as on site OSU-Tulsa resources. For access to these resources and to request any needed accommodation, please contact Ty Harrell or Stacy Nobles. Ty and Stacy will then work with OSU to ensure that students receive the services they need.

TCC Office Location: Metro Campus Academic Building – Room 504

OSU Office Location: OSU-Tulsa North Hall 204

Ty Harrell Contact Information:
918-595-7659 (office); 539-302-4934 (Google phone)

Stacy Nobles Contact Information:
918-595-7541 (office); 539-664-9297 (Google phone)

Student Success Resources


Tutoring Centers

College Park students have access to tutoring services at OSU-Tulsa, any of the main TCC campuses, or online!

For information on TCC Campus and Online Availability, go here:

TCC Tutors at OSU-Tulsa Hours of Availability for Summer 2022:

North Hall 214

Writing Tutor: Wednesdays from 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Hours may change based on student need and tutor availability



The library is an important resource for any college student. Both the TCC and OSU-Tulsa Libraries have a variety of digital and physical resources to assist you in your academic needs. They can even provide guides for your courses and help with research!


OSU-Tulsa Library Home


TCC Library Home


College Park Digital Library


Career Services

Trying to decide which career path is right for you? Or maybe you need help landing a job or other type of professional experience? TCC and OSU-Tulsa Career Services are here to help!


OSU-Tulsa Career Services 


TCC Career Services 


OSU Counseling and TCC Wellness Services

Your overall health, including your mental health, is important to us. The OSU Counseling Center and TCC Wellness Services have a variety of resources available to you including short-term counseling sessions to ensure that you have the support you need.

Please check out the information page for both institutions for more information


OSU-Tulsa Counseling


TCC Wellness Services

Campus Life


We want you to have a great collegiate experience both inside and outside of the classroom. The TCC Student Life and OSU Campus Life Offices offer a variety of engagement opportunities and resources to help you make the most of your time.

These include social engagement and professional development opportunities, discount tickets, food and basic hygiene supplies, and student organizations

For more information reach out to the College Park Specialist, Zack Grant, or visit one of the webpages below


TCC Campus Life


OSU-Tulsa Campus Life


OSU-Tulsa Wellness Center

The Wellness Center offers a variety of tools to help you reach your personal health and fitness goals.

You can also check out the TCC Fitness Centers on the Metro and Southeast Campuses